Baking with my daughterCalling all home bakers, secret cake makers, dessert decorators, and undercover home bakers. Follow me, we can go down a dessert making and baking adventure together. I have a passion for baking desserts and cakes and having fun with my kids in the kitchen.

But wait, who am I anyway?

I am an old school designer from the time where “font treatment” was the mark of a good designer. I am a methodical, creative genius who can organize a creative file like no other. Yeah that’s right, they don’t make them like me anymore. When I enter a graphic disaster area I walk in with a cape and mask and save the “drop dead” dead lines from self-destruction with ease.

Being a creative graphic superhero isn’t all that I do though. Nope, this guy right here has a serious passion for baking. It all began as a young child when my mom used to pass the time with my brother and I baking our little hearts out. I remember our first attempts at making cakes were these little messy disasters that my mom would fawn over and then make my dad eat them after he got home from work. Right from the first cake I made, both of my parents made my brother and I feel like we were the best bakers in the world. From then on, I just loved baking desserts. The process is relaxing for me and helps me take my mind off of my daily stresses. The feeling of accomplishment of my work is so rewarding, and I enjoy it when people like what I have made.

My kids busy in the kitchenMore than anything though, baking is a family tradition for me and brings up so many good childhood memories and I want to create those memories for my kids. Both of my kids like to bake with me and of course they both love to eat what we make. Whatever we do in the kitchen I always encourage them to help, but if for some reason they don’t want to help I make sure I never force them to bake. I want them to love being in the kitchen with me, and I want them to have these memories of us having fun together to look back on. Baking means family to me, and it is my hope that you will be inspired to bake something with your family too.